My daily activities

How's your weekend? Do you go out, study, stay at home or help your mom with the house shores?
Tell us about the activities you do on Saturday or Sunday.

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teache dijo...


NAME: Cristian Leonel Pinto García
Age: 11 years
City: La Serena
From: Chile
Likes: Play soccer, play ping-pong and play computer game
Dislikes: play basquetball, high school musical and homework
Favorites: Play soccer, playing in the computer, reggaeton and scary movie

daniela dijo...

Hello, my name is Diego José Paolo González Aguilera. To have eleven years, liveing in The Serena. studing in the School Elena Bettini and to go in 6º, my likes to play soccer and tennis of table.

daniela dijo...

my name is camila lorena rodriguez saavedra, born on November 9, 1996 I am 11 years old, I'm going sixth basic and at school elena Bettini of calm. and I like volleyball.

daniela dijo...

my name is felipe andres yañez Rojas; i have 11 years

i lived in la serena city, country hobbies is play soccer, investigation of the dinosaurs, playing the computer game and play station 2.
my favourite movie is HULK

by: felipe yañez

catalina herrera dijo...

name is catalina herrera,to have 11 years old,country chile, play voleball, mai favorite music is of bjorck, movie favorit is los simpson

catalina herrera

angelo dijo...

My free time activity is: can play the basquetball in the school once a weck,the thuesday day.

By:Angelo Canales

daniela dijo...

Hello, my name is Daniela Newman Olivares.liveing in the Coquimbo,to have eleven years old. My likes to play voleball and swimming.

good bye!!!

Daniela Newman Olivares


Anix122 dijo...

my name is katia
like:play the computer,look tv,listen music and other thing.

daniela dijo...

hello, my name is Francisca muñoz. liveing in the La Serena, to have eleven years old
My likes to play bolevall and swimming.

By Francisca muñoz

Daniel Rodriguez dijo...

hello, my name is Daniel Rodriguez,to have 11 years old, i live in la serena, my likes to the playing footbal and tennis

Coty dijo...

My name is Tamara Morales Ahumada and to go in 5ºgrade.
My daily routine consists in:
first I wake, then I raise, then I wash, I bed dress after I sed in, afterwards I drink breakfast, then I play with my friendly, afterwards have, I do task, then I see television, afterware I drink tea, I to place pyjamas, I prepare the backpack and I go to bed.

Kam dijo...
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Kam dijo...

Hello my name is Aileen Kam Rojas
and to go in 5º grade.My daily routine is: First wake up at the seven o'clock,get up,have and shower and get dress after have breakfast.
Go at the school at the eigth o'clock until the afternoon.I watch TV in the work of my father, go at home, drink tea and after answer my homework,prepare my bag and go to bed.

gabriel dijo...

I wake up at 6 am get up at 6:15 breakfast milk and cookies, at 8 am Im go to my school, at 3:30 comeback to my home, here, in my house I make homeworks and in the night at 9 pm Im go to the bed

By Gabriela Luna 5º grade

gabriel dijo...

I wake up at 7 o clok and get up at 7:15 , last I breakfast and go to my school. At 1 pm I have lunch in the school and play whit my friends. At 4 o'clock I back to my home and make homeworks and study, last i go to the bed.

By: Cristobal Jeldrez 5º Grade

gabriel dijo...

Iwake up and get up at 6:45 , I breakfast at 7:15 and go to the school, in the school play whit my friends and study, last, at 1 pm go to have lunch and last i comeback to my house and I make homeworks. In the night I wash TV and i take a shower,last i go to bed and sleep.

By: Gabriel Gahona 5º Grade

valesca angel dijo...

hello ,my name is Valesca Angel
My activitie Saturday day:
They wake up 10:00 they get up 10:30
they have a batch 11:00. I have breakfast 11:30.
Hese shopping 12:00 have lunch 14:00
go out play 16: have weter TV 16:00
have dinner 19:00 goto bead 23:00.

by Vlesca Angel Cortes 5º gradeprincipesco

valesca dijo...

Hello, I am Valesca Angel C.
My activities Sunday day:
They wake up 9:45 they get up 10:05 they have a bath 11:00 have breakfast 11:30 to go granfather 12:00 have lunch 14:00 go out play 16:00 have weter TV 16:30 have dinner 19:00 go to bead 23:00.

by Valesca Angel C. 5º Grade

juampi dijo...
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juampi dijo...

Awake me at 7:00 I get up at 7:05, to las7:10 take the milk of breakfast and quaker, at 7:30 I go away to the school, at 3:35 I go away to my house, here, in my house do tasks and in the night at 21:00 I go away to the bed pray 21:10

Juan Pablo Pinto García

Meivol dijo...

My Sunday activities is, I get up and play to the computer, then I have a shower and have lunch with my family. Sometimes I go out to walk in bicycle to the beach. On Sunday not almost always I am in the house and do my tasks.


gabriel dijo...
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gabriel dijo...

I wake up at nine o'clock, next i wash tv later at ten o'clock it's ten quarter to raiser after breakfast, at eleven o'clock i play ping-pong later lunch.
At three o'clock go to my friend's home later back to my home and it's ten alf past to sleep.

By: Mauro Zeballos 5º Grade

FELIPEDI dijo...

i wake up at 6:30 am get up at 7:00 break last milk and cookies at 8 am im go to my school at 3:30 comeback to my here,home,in my house i make homeworks and in the night at 9:30 pm im go to the bed

Felipe Tabilo dijo...

I'm doing my activities on Sunday are:

I wake up late
take desalluno
PlayStation game
Television watching

In latarde shower, my tasks and prepare for college

then I go to bed early to sleep

Coty dijo...
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Coty dijo...
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Coty dijo...

Name: Tamara Andrea Morales Ahumada.
Age: Ten years old.
Class: 5º grade.
Hometown: La Serena.
Likes: I likes dancing, playing and singing.
Dislikes: I don't like seafood and vegetables.
Favorites: My favorite activity is dancing.
Family: My mom, my dad and two brothers.

primaryschoolceb dijo...
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primaryschoolceb dijo...

mi name is camila ramirez, wake up,have a bath, 7 a quarter have a beakfast, go out school, 12 a quarter have lounch. 3 a half go out school and go office me mother, 5 a half go out office take taxi to be in house, have dinner 8 hrs, 10 o`clock go to be.

Alex Flores dijo...

I wake up early at 6 Am, I desalluno, I exit the house at 7:30am to attend college, lunch at 13:00, at 15:30 leave school at 16:00 came on the I change clothes home and play with my friends, then do the tasks to bed early

primaryschoolceb dijo...

Hello, my name is Cristian Diaz
My activities from Sunday day are:
I wake up to take desalluno, I am going to my room to play on the computer, lunch, I go out to play my common friends, I see television and PlayStation game, enlisted my duties to go to college and then I go to bed

Cristian Diaz
5th Grade

Sergio Hurtado dijo...

I wake up at 6 am, i get up at 6:30, i wash at 6:35 am, i breakfast at 6:50. I'm going to school at 7 pm. Lunch 13 hours to leave school at 15:30 am, I eleven at 19:00 pm and I go to bed at 21 hours.

Javiera Valencia

primaryschoolceb dijo...

hello,mi name Victoria Ortiz Salinas :mi get up around at 6:30 am mi dres y have break fast,at 7:00 o clook it at seven tuenti take de bus that school class to go in at 8:00o clook y go aut class , at 15:30 pi y o vack 15:45 pi me to llearing i havi jov 19:00 o clook to take eating dinner it at 21:00 o clook mi slleping

gabriel dijo...

I get up at 6:00 am and I have a shower and wake up. I breakfast at 6:45 and I go to my school at 7:15
I enter to the school at 8 am,I lunch at 13:00. I out of the school at 15:30 Hrs make homeworks and I take a rest at 16:30 to 17:30
I dinner at 18:30 hrs and sleep at 21:00 hrs

By: Bárbara Jopia 5º Grade

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